Sitting at my computer, I am ruminating about Sedona. Last month, after several years of being away, I had finally re-visited Sedona. While I was there, I visited the Whole Foods in town and sat outside on the patio where the Heart of Sedona used to be. As I am sitting there, I’m remembering when New Frontiers was getting ready to sell out to Whole Foods. The locals were very upset, afraid they would lose the town to tourism.

At my computer, remembering this, I think to myself: if Sedona loses its tourism what will it have? It will but have only itself.

As I finish this thought, in my head a voice loudly proclaims: Sedona, an outpost for Atlantis!

I see a lush paradise filled with greenery of all forms and fashion. The air breeze varies between warm and almost cold, given what air flow is coming down from the mountains that surrounds the main city. This city is abound with birds of many colors, and animals of many forms.

Huge crystals live just under the earth there where Atlantis is. Clusters of crystals push out of the earth, studding the landscape. The crystals can be seen for miles around in all directions.

Great ships from the galactic council fill the air. The people of Atlantis are able to morph between being fully etheric to fully physical, and anything in between.

Life on Atlantis is easy, smooth. There is no separation between heaven, earth and the galaxies. There is oneness between thought, emotion and creation. The city has been created to merge with and be a part of the flora and fauna around it.

I can see that Atlantis governs the portals and grid work that envelopes this area of the earth. Using the elements, their thoughts, and the energy of the crystals, the Atlantians are making earth a significant player for the whole council.

For a great length of time Atlantis stands alone. Then, a choice is made to begin to spread human creation, which is a complete marriage between physical structure, energy form and galactic DNA. At this point my vision ends.

The areas known as Sedona, New Mexico, and Colorado are chosen to become outposts for Atlantis (there were and are many other outposts, for this blog I focus on only three), and then shortly after, a Lemurian outreach.

In Sedona, seeded deep into the earth, are great teaching and healing crystals. Into the atmosphere and the red rock are seeded divine energetic scrolls to create spiritual action. In the air a webbing of prayerful song and tones from the Hathors, Atlantians and Lemurians have been placed.

Earth has always been a healing orb. Its creation was based on the prayer, thought, and breath of master energy that goes beyond the White and Violet rays of the brotherhood and sisterhood in spirit. The earth was activated so that it would become the main portal for the whole spiral.

Earth, the orb of the sun, the goddess of the heart, the key that matures the spiral, set’s all things right again.

Sedona, you are one of five outposts still active in the Americas. You have been anointed with a very sacred task: to hold, then re-activate the power of the earth.

Sedona, what will you have, if you do not have the tourist trade? You will have Atlantis, in its highest and purist form.

In the meantime, I call upon those “locals” to heed the call, a call for a higher teaching to come alive, in each of you, in the land, for this world and the universe. Call the master teachers and healers back. Fear not the tourist. Touch them, help them, and teach them. Remember though, they are not why you stay alive. You stay alive to become part of the holy land once again.

Sedona, you shall become a sanctuary for so many. You have always known this, it has been held deep in the heart of your land: Atlantis, an outpost for Sedona.

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